Cretan raki

The queen of alcoholic beverages. Pure, without coloring substances and biochemicalalcohols, it’s above all a delight but also a medicine. Tranquillizing, relaxing, itstimulates appetite and digestion. There is no home in Crete that doesn’t have a bottle oftsikoudia in the cupboard, for immediate use, at any time, for every visitor. Not to getthem drunk but to welcome them. For Cretans, tsikoudia is above all communication,friendship, hospitality, celebration, joy, blessing.The family business “SPITIKO meRAKI” has created and is offering you a line ofproducts based on Cretan tsikoudia. Taste Cretan Tsikoudia in its natural flavor, but alsowith honey and aromatic herbs, pomegranate juice, citron flavor, carob syrup, coffee andlime all prepared with passion and according to the traditional Cretan recipes we haveinherited from our ancestors. Enjoy!